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blank check parental rights pngAre you in a divorce and feel completely lost and unprotected? Before you go any further, did you know that you have rights and your child has rights to be protected by these rights? Now you can get these rights and arguments in the language that the attorney and court can understand all here! Click here for the attorney-parent agreement:   Click here for the declaratory judgment brief here:

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You aren't the only one who wasn't told! Most parents are not told that they have any rights other than the right to pay an attorney and be dragged through a ridiculous and unnecessary, scary and expensive, process that strips you of the rights you thought the attorney would know and protect. Rights you intuitively thought you had. Now you can stop paying your attorney for "pie in the sky" and tell them exactly what you are buying from them -- protection of the rights listed in this agreement. If they don't know how to protect these rights, get them this Plaintiffs declaratory brief - federal district court! This attorney-parent agreement and brief spells out the rights and the kind of representation you expect to get from your attorney until the laws are fixed to protect your rights automatically. Right now you will have to fight to protect yourself from being stripped of these rights and these documents help you by listing out what they are in a simple and straightforward way. Then if you want more arguments and information about the rights you can go to the Additional Resources section below. Once you click on the buy now button on the attorney-parent agreement you will see the document download onto your computer into your download folder. Open the Word document and start filling in the attorney name, your name and information. If you have additional questions about this document send us an e-mail by using the form to the right. Once you have the attorney-parent agreement above, if you don't like to learn and read and just want things handed to you on a silver platter in language you can present to the court, get the brief that we filed in the federal district court next, Plaintiff's Brief. This brief has a comprehensive argument organized and laid out nicely for you and your attorney. If you like to learn more about where these rights came from and the cases that protect these rights, get the book, "NOT in The Child's Best Interest" and the online course by the authors of the book. The online course is called "Protecting Family Rights" and you can get it here now as well. Want more resources, scroll down the page and see all the help and stuff available to you so you don't have to go through this alone anymore!

How Else Can We Help You?

If you need help with understanding your rights as a parent and how these relate to your child's rights, you're in the right place.

Help with Learning How to Use Your Constitutional Rights

Okay I have learned that I have rights that I might not have been told about.

  • How do I create motions that protect my rights?
  • What can I do when My attorney says that I don't have these rights?
  • Can I create an argument to protect my rights even if state statutes don't say I have these rights?
  • What is the best way to frame my case around my rights when I'm being told that if I assert my rights I will lose?

Find one of the locations where you can learn this near you by clicking here: (coming soon) In the meantime, you can contact us below and let us know that you want to be notified when this page is available.

If you do not have a location near you or are not able to attend one of these, contact us here and let us know that you need to know"How To Make My Constitutional Arguments".

Additional Resources

When do I ask for a Private Consultation from Fix Family Courts?

  • When you need help organizing the information in a way that works for you.
  • After you have the book "NOT in The Child's Best Interest" and want help organizing and strategizing.
  • After you have watched all of the lecture videos online that go along with the book above and want help organizing and strategizing.

How Do I Ask For This Help: Go to www.fixfamilycourts.com/contactus/ and submit a contact request stating what you still require assistance with.

  • Generally most people who contact us after going through the book and the online course just need some help focusing on what is most important and what applies to those important issues.