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You have landed on the legacy training site for Fix Family Courts. The content from this site is being migrated to the main site and can be purchased there.

Fix Family courts provides in-depth training for parents and attorneys on family rights and strategies for protecting your family rights. Oops, I wanted the main Fix Family Courts Page.

DISCLAIMER: These courses are for instructional purposes only. The authors are constitutional scholars who strive to provide you the very best information about the content. Please know that the instructors are not attorneys and cannot give specific legal advice. This content is NOT legal advice but is educational material about the source of any rights parents and their children may have. If you are in litigation, you and your attorney are solely responsible for making your own legal determinations about your case. The law changes frequently and judges interpret laws differently from court to court. Our opinions may not prevail in your court or in any court. The information provided in these courses is not a substitute for an attorney. You should consult an attorney regarding your rights under the law.